Life-Giving Practices

The practices of yoga, meditation, creative movement, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and deep rest sustain our nervous systems, revitalize our creative energy, and help us be more fully present. Through the full spectrum of life we will continue to come together and share in the practices that bring us back to ourselves. These practices are for you to utilize anytime and anywhere. Let's continue to build community and resiliency together no matter what life brings. Online and In Person we invite you to join us for yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathing, and restoration.

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  • Live-Stream Yoga Classes

    Join us wherever you are for online, live-stream classes. If you like the community aspect of group classes as well as the encouragement live classes offer this is meant for you! We currently offer 3 live-stream classes a week. 

    Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 EST  Vinyasa Flow

    Fridays 11:00-12:00 EST  Deep Stretch

    Saturdays 11:00-12:00 EST  Vinyasa Flow

  • On Demand Membership Site

    Join our on demand membership site where you have access to recorded classes that will support your practice anytime you would like to get on your mat. From short 10 minute practices to full hour long classes this membership site will continue to be added to weekly. 

    This membership also grants you access to community forums and other ways to stay connected

  • In-Person Yoga Classes at Clearwind Farm

    Saturday, Vinyasa Class 11:00-12:00
    Clearwind Farm in Chapel Hill.

    Weather permitting class will be held outdoors. Otherwise class will meet in the studio at the farm. Please plan accordingly.

    Clearwind Farm
    7961 Scenic Trail
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516

    Breathe fresh air, be grounded on the earth, feel the sunlight on your skin, and be inspired by nature.

    This vinyasa yoga class thoughtfully connects movement with breath in a progressive sequence that opens the body, nourishes the nervous system, and calms the mind. Practicing yoga outside fosters our connection with nature, our ability to be light-hearted and adaptable, as well as our fellowship with one another.
    This hour-long class is best for those familiar with yoga. Asana, pranayama, and meditation will be included in each class. Please bring your own mat and props if you have them. We have some available on site if needed.

    Register through the virtual studio. Pass cards welcome.
    Price is $15.00 per class

  • Vitality Support

    Lifestyle and Nutrition Services to help you live a more radiant life. Rebecca is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Root Cause Protocol Consultant. She can help you feel great everyday in the life you are living and the choices you make moment to moment.

    Rebecca is currently accepting new clients!

  • Corporate Wellness

    Regenerative practices that blend, mindfulness, breathing practices, and movement to support the nervous system and bring a culture of encouragement, wellness, and positive leadership to the workplace.

  • Open Air Movement Classes

    Join together outside for a movement class that blends nature with a creative exploration of your inner landscape. This class draws from a variety of movement styles and will include forms as well as improvisation. This is a chance to explore yourself through movement in a supportive and free space. Come as you are. No experience necessary just a willingness to participate and gain more information about yourself in any given moment.